5 Tips on How to Find a Job Using Social Networks

5 Tips on How to Find a Job Using Social Networks

Have you embellished your CV, looked for a job everywhere and still can’t find anything? Try the social networks. In today’s digital world these provide another effective opportunity to find a job, or at least remain up to date in regard to the job market. Companies, as well as recruitment agencies, are increasingly using social networks to find talents and potential employees. How should you proceed to get the help you need from social networks when job seeking?

1. Make sure your profile is presentable to future employers

A professional photograph on your profiles is crucial if you’re looking for a job using social networks. Maintain a professional style overall, because you never know who is viewing your profile. Particularly on Facebook, make sure that your friends don’t identify you on photographs you probably wouldn’t want to show your future colleagues. We recommend you configure your settings so that similar content requires personal approval before it appears on your profile.  Whether on Facebook, LinkedIn or another social network, it’s certainly very important to consider your introduction carefully. This should not just be a brief description of yourself and the experience you have gained, you should also pay attention to the description of the job you are currently seeking. A link to other social networks, or your portfolio, such as LinkedIn, is also useful.

2. Announce that your are looking for a job to the world

This advice naturally only applies if you are currently unemployed. Otherwise, you should be more circumspect when looking for a job, and not as public about it. Social networks and networking have enormous power and it is quite possible that a friend knows a friend and this could cost you your job sooner than you planned. If you are currently unemployed, let people know about you on the social networks you are active on and inform people what you are looking for and in what segment. Page content is also important because it allows people to know what you are interested in and shows that you are active.

3. Monitor potential employers

If you have an idea about what you would like to do, or have chosen a company you would like to work for, check to see whether they are active on social networks and begin to monitor them regularly. First of all obtain interesting information about the segment you are interested in, then you will know about all potential job offers from or changes within specific companies. You can also use LinkedIn to monitor corporate websites, connect to people from the company or introduce yourself to the right people, in the ideal case to the HR Manager or HR specialists who take care of recruitment. But be careful, you don’t want to appear desperate or intrusive.

4. Monitor offers by recruitment agencies

Apply the same approach you would take to potential companies and their profiles on the social network, to the profiles of recruitment agencies. You will establish a general awareness of the market or the newest trends related to job seeking, as well as acquiring a range of valuable information. For instance, recruitment agencies frequently share information about job opportunities and regularly present current job offers in various segments and regions. It may be that one of the current offers matches your profile and you will easily gain the opportunity to advance your career, basically without making any great effort or having to search.

5. Interest yourself in new trends in your segment

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to start becoming interested in the segment you wish to work in. One of the ways of doing this is to monitor current news and messages from companies you are interested in or for which you would like to work in the future. You have various articles published by companies or author texts by experts or potential colleagues available. Read, share and make keen comments. Not only will you increase your visibility, you could also gradually establish contact with these people and gain the respect or awareness of others who are interested in specific topics and they can subsequently help you with your potential employers. And if they don’t notice your activities, you will at least have the advantage of being informed about news from the company and will make an impression with your knowledge of topics from the segment.

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