Get a referral bonus for recommending your friend or colleague

Do you know someone who would be interested in an exceptional job opportunity in a new technology centre in Prague? Yes?
Then recommend him/her to us and get 15,000 CZK reward! If your candidate succeeds during the recruitment process and Grafton Recruitment places him/her in the company, then you will receive your referral bonus.

To recommend a candidate, all you need to do is share a link to the position to a suitable candidate and he/she will log in through it and mention your name in the email.


  1. Anyone who would like to recommend a colleague, friend or acquaintance can participate in this program.
  2. The record of the recommendation must be sent by the recommended candidate by e-mail to a Grafton Recruitment consultant, stating the name of the person who recommended him / her.
  3. Remuneration shall be paid when the candidate takes up the said position through Grafton Recruitment and remains in the job for at least 3 months.
  4. Remuneration will not be paid if the recommended candidate terminates the employment contract within the first 3 months.
  5. The reward will be paid in a lump sum by bank transfer directly to the account of the recommending person.
  6. Grafton Recruitment reserves the right to change or terminate this program at any time. Before the end of this program, the reward will always be paid in case of successful placement of the recommended candidate in the company.
  7. If the recommended candidate is in the database of Grafton Recruitment, which has already been in contact with him during the last 3 months (since 1 July 2020) or has already been recommended by someone else, we will inform you immediately. In this case, the reward will not be paid.
  8. The recommendation of one candidate is equal to only one opportunity to receive this reward. Remuneration cannot be legally enforced.