the first steps for a recent graduate

The First Steps for a Recent Graduate

The First Steps for a Recent Graduate

Are you a new graduate with your future career just ahead of you? 
Before deciding on your career, you should ask yourself a few important questions, which are strongly connected to your future career trajectory and professional life:

•    What are my professional and personal interests?

• Do you even want to stop studying? 

•  What type of company would I like to work for? (big, small, local, international)

•    What type of employer is the most suitable for me? (private, nonfinancial, state office, etc…)

•    Which region would I like to operate in, and what career opportunities do these regions offer me?

•    Am I interested in working abroad?

•    Would I like to own my own business?

•    What am I willing to do and sacrifice for my career?

Career planning

Try to create an individual career plan of your professional and personal development preferences. The plan should include the following sections:
•    Your career priorities taking into account your personal values and long-term plans.
•    Define your future vision (medium-term outlook) according to your personality, occupational potential and career priorities.
•    Identify your actual skills, experiences and education.
•    Distinguish your weaknesses from your existing competencies and those needed for achieving your set vision.
•    Aim to minimize your weaknesses, which in turn helps you to achieve your future vision.
•    Evaluate the opportunities and possible alternatives on how to find your ideal employment in accordance with your career plan.


So where do we start the search for employment?

There are many options when it comes to searching for a job. The most important being:
The advantage of searching for a job via a recruitment agency is free career consulting by professional recruiters who prepare you for real-world job interviews at future employers. Recruiters can give you practical advice about questions you should ask in the interview or salary expectations. At the same time, they can advise you on mistakes and errors that can be eliminated in the future.
In addition, you can easily create a professional and graphical online resume on the agency´s official web page (such as You can set up a filter, which sort positions by sector, location or particular criteria and newly-opened job offers will go directly to your email inbox.
There are a few specific job boards advertising current open jobs on the labour market. Another option is to search the web pages of the Central Office of Labour, official company websites or recruitment agencies, as listed below.
Look up daily newspapers or specialised advertising journals with job offerings. 
A referral from someone you know is always a good way to impress. Try to ask in your social community, keep in touch with your old contacts but do not wait idly, opportunities will not appear by themselves. Be proactive!
The most important thing is that you look for a job on a daily basis. You never know when the perfect job, tailored to you, will appear. You should be prepared to adjust to the actual labour market, so if there is an opportunity to work away from home, don’t worry or hesitate. It might be a challenge, but it maybe a vital change!