are you looking for a job after graduating?

Are You Looking for a Job after Graduating?

Are You Looking for a Job after Graduating?

Are you a fresh graduate and looking for a job? Don’t be discouraged by horror stories about endless unsuccessful interviews and refusals by personnel officers. Take your future into your own hands with the most modern job-seeking tool there is – the Internet.


The most pragmatic reason for using the Internet to find a job is low input costs – there is no need to invest into buying advertising periodicals, travelling to employment agencies, viewing notice boards, printing curriculum vitae and distributing them by classic mail. All these phases can be realised over the Internet – you can search job offers in the comfort of your home on specialised job portals or view the career sections of companies you would like to work for. Use a simple form to reply to a job offer and append your CV to it. But which channel offers the best chance of success?


It is well-known that the best jobs aren‘t published on job portals. In spite of this the job portal for the region and field in which you wish to work will help you familiaries yourself with the job market. You will find out which positions are the most desirable, what the usual requirements are and the average starting salary.


You can contact an agency even if you do not have a specific idea about your dream job. However, it is best if you visit their website regularly. You can create an account on the website and enter your criteria for the required position. The agency will also provide you with free professional advice. After an interview the agency will register you in its database and will offer you a position tailor-made to your requirements and qualities. Working with an agency is worth it, because some employers, especially large companies, seek suitable candidates exclusively through agencies.


Luck favours the bold and so the greatest extroverts can contact a specific company directly and “offer themselves”. If you do so, you don’t have to base your application on a specific job offer in the career section of the company’s website. Present your qualities, add examples of your work and formulate which job you would be most suited for with your potential employer. You will certainly stand out from the anonymous mass of job applicants.

Tips for a compelling personal presentation on the Internet
•    Create a profile on the Linkedln professional social network.
Fill in the relevant information and add practical examples. Personnel officers frequently seek new candidates on LinkedIn and you can present information about yourself to them in a clear and attractive manner.
Be visible on the Internet. Create a simple webpage about yourself on, or go even further and launch your own website. Graphic designers and creative professions in particular should make this type of presentation.