how to be successful in your probation period

How to be Successful in Your Probation Period

How to be Successful in Your Probation Period

Starting a new job?
You will first have to get throught a max. 3 month probation period. In that period you can resign at any time. Caution: your employer can also terminate your contract at any time during your probation period. 

The probation period allows you to find out if the job is right for you and your employer if you are right for the job. 

Advice for the first 3 months in your new role:

  • Say goodbye to your colleagues in your previous job
    Leave your former employer properly before you start your new job. These contacts could be valuable in the future.
  • Make a good impression and meet your new colleagues
    It is very important to make yourself part of a team very quickly. You will probably be introduced by your supervisor. It takes a while to develop good relationships, therefore, go with your new colleagues for lunch or just have just cup of coffee with them. It certainly helps if you participate in company activities. Maybe there is bowling, volleyball or another activity after work where you can get to know your colleagues better.
  • Adjust to the company environment
    Some of the procedures or habits might be different from those you practiced earlier. It is also worthwhile if you show new ways of resolving problems.
  • Learn new information and read the company policies
    Get as much information as possible about the company, positions and your role in the company structure. Read the company policies so you will not be surprised, for example, by mobile phone or internet limits. 
  • Keep asking but also show resourcefulness
    Take advantage of your first weeks in a new role as much as possible – your colleagues know that you have just started. They will willingly help you. Do not ask for every single detail and work hard from the first day.