how to stay focused on work in the summer

How to Stay Focused on Work in the Summer

How to Stay Focused on Work in the Summer

Who is happy to sit in their office instead of relaxing by the pool or in a park in hot summer days? Let's face it, there are not many of us. If your work commitment decreases in summer and you don't know how to concentrate on important tasks, this article is just for you. Read a few useful tips that can make work in summer months more pleasant and increase your productivity.

1.    Plan your day in advance

Make a list of duties you have to do the following day. The list should not be too long so that you are worried that you won't have time for everything. When finished making the list, distribute the duties in a time schedule.

2.    Relax over lunch

On beautiful sunny days, nothing prevents you from fuelling energy over lunch. Have you ever had a working-day picnic lunch? While in the Czech Republic it is quite common to have lunch on a restaurant terrace, in many countries business people enjoy their lunch in a park. This way they clear their heads in the fresh air, closer to nature so that they are then prepared for a better performance in fulfilling their duties.
A sweet alternative to a business lunch can be a nice dessert in the form of ice cream or cold fruit pulp. It has been proven that similar treats increase the level of endorphins, which will improve your mood during the day.

3.    Change work routine

Are you used to doing things according to a usual routine? Then change it. Even small changes can make a great difference in motivation. Have you ever considered business meetings in a café or in a park? With Wi-Fi connection and a laptop you can easily handle emails or administrative work even in such a different environment. Your brain gets a new stimulus and automatically starts working more efficiently in a different, more interesting and, above all, more enjoyable environment.
If you don't mind getting up early, enjoy a sunny morning in a park or on a terrace – the sun rises earlier in the summer.

4.    Recharge your batteries during weekends

If your job allows it, forget all work duties at weekends. Weekends are for relaxation and charging up your batteries so that you can perform at your best on weekdays.

5.    Organize a small get-together for colleagues

How well do you know your colleagues? Organize a small after-work get-together where you can get to know them better. Establishing more personal relationships with colleagues is of great importance for the culture and pleasant working atmosphere in the company.

We hope that these tips will help you concentrate on your work duties on summer days.