how to dress properly to a job interview

How to Dress Properly to a Job Interview

How to Dress Properly to a Job Interview

Appearance is a very influential factor when it comes to making a good first impression with potential employers. In the same way that consumers often first judge a product based upon it’s packaging, so does and employer when first meeting you. Every person has their own unique brand, which is in part displayed through their personal appearance.

First impressions are formed within the first few seconds of introductions. The way you choose to dress for a job interview is a very important aspect of interview preparation. It is very hard to define a specific dress code, as depends on the context. You should pick your clothes according to the company‘s values and it´s culture. Dress code requirements for employers will differ in every country and sector.

Your clothes should be always clean, elegant, ironed and colour coordinated. It is essential to choose your outfit based upon the position that you are trying to achieve. You should aim to represent that position.

A few key principles for appropriate appearance:

  • Pick your outfit based on the type of company you are interviewing with and bear in mind the typical dress code for that sector
  • Stick to a classic style and try to avoid big statements
  • Be careful when choosing accessories
  • Try a simple test – sit on a chair in front of a mirror to ensure you are seen how you want to be seen e.g. do not show an inappropraite amount of skin.
  • Abide by the principle, ‘less is sometimes more’

Here are some specific tips for appropriate menswear and womenswear when it comes to job interviews.