10 reasons why you should look for a job through a recruitment agency

10 Reasons Why You Should Look for a Job through a Recruitment Agency

10 Reasons Why You Should Look for a Job through a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies cooperate with a large number of companies in various fields and get paid by such companies for finding suitable employees or temporary workers for them. Job seekers do not pay anything for an agency’s services. Some companies only use recruitment agencies to carry out public selection procedures, others only source candidates through recruitment agencies, and others use both these possibilities. This is because they want to be sure not to miss out on anyone suitable for their company.

Looking for a job through an agency brings about a higher chance of learning more about the particular offer and being well prepared for the interview. What other advantages does it offer?

1)    Any consulting is completely free of charge.

2)    An interview in a recruitment agency is a preparation for an interview with the prospective employer.

3)    Recruitment agency clients come from various areas and industries, so there is a high probability of finding an offer you are interested in.

4)    A recruitment agency HR professional (personal consultant) will be in touch with you during the entire selection procedure, and will give you advice at any time.

5)    Your personal consultant can help you prepare your CV and letter of motivation so that they emphasize your strengths and increase your chances of success. They will advise on how to improve your self-presentation, adequately formulate answers to interview questions and what to avoid.

6)    Moreover, the consultant will provide you with maximum information about the company where you are going for an interview. They will give you an idea of what the selection procedure will look like, and will provide you with a lot of information you would not find on the company's website. 

7)    Thanks to the agency's consulting services, you will be very familiar with the labour market.

8)    You can test your language skills.

9)    The agency will provide you with feedback, both positive and negative, allowing you to work on yourself and increase your changes in other selection procedures.

10)    Personal data provided is processed by the agency, based on consent. With personal data processed, the agency will use exclusively to prepare your profile and later send it to the client.

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