home office

Home office – how to remain productive

Working from home is highly time-efficient as we do not have to travel to work however, we might face other difficulties that can make our work slightly more complicated. We have written down a few tips on how to remain productive and engaged with your work.

Have the same schedule

It is true that if you have to travel daily to work, you save some time working at home but be careful not to be in your pyjamas the whole day staying in bed. It is important to get up and get ready as you would go to the office. By doing this you will separate the working and the leisure time. On the other hand, you do not need to be available 24/7. Stick to your working hours.

If you are also home with your partner or family, have clear rules for everyone.

Have your working space

Even though it is not always possible and not everyone can have his/her own study, it is better if you clean space to be your ‘office’ while at home. This can also improve your work morale. Make yourself ‘comfy’ in your study, have everything prepared, from pens and notebooks to a printer.

Plan carefully your working day

A good strategy is to start the day by writing your tasks and deadlines. If it suits you better, you can write the to-do list an evening ahead.

By summarizing your activities in one place, you will not miss anything important or procrastinate when thinking about what to do next. Do not forget to have some time left for the unforeseen operative tasks.

Watch your productive hours

It is obvious that not everyone can be productive at the same time. Someone prefers to work in the early mornings, someone late in nights. If your work allows using this type of flexibility, do not hesitate to do so. It does not mean that for the rest of the day you will not work at all, just plan your activities accordingly, so when you are more productive you can deal with more difficult tasks and visa versa.

Keep your eating habits as if you were in the office

It is not that necessary to box the food and put it in the fridge (but it has certain benefits). But be aware that your lunch break should not take hours because you are preparing a time-consuming meal. Also, stick to your drinking regime.

Use technologies

If you work in a team, you will need to connect with your colleagues regularly to stay updated, productive and motivated as a team. There are various applications thanks to which you can not only communicate but share the to-do lists.

Do not forget to take a break and stretch

A little while of active relax can oxygenate your brain while not sitting at the table staring at your laptop. In regards to the current situation and restrictions advising not to go out, open your windows regularly for some fresh air.


If your current employer does not allow at all to work from home, or not as much as you need to, maybe it is time for a change.