Sample CV

Having read quite a few tips and advice on how to write the best CV, are you still unsure how to do it? Be inspired by our sample CV created by Grafton Recruitment specialists. The following sample CV will be helpful especially to senior job seekers who already have adequate experience. 

This sample CV is of course not the only correct one. There is no such thing. Every HR professional has their own opinion on the form of a CV, and so do professionals at Grafton. However, it is always good to know how the CV is viewed by the other side; the side that decides whether you will be invited to a job interview based on the CV submitted.

CV – Ing. John Placeable

Phone:  728 419 321
Address: Na Poříčí 3a, 110 00 Prague
Date of birth: 3 August 1971

As far as contact details and personal data are concerned, the above amount of information is sufficient. Moreover, you can include your gender, particularly in cases where this could be unclear from your name and the employer would therefore not know whether to address you in writing as Mr. or Ms.

Key skills and capabilities

  • Business strategy                    
  • Team leadership 
  • Financial strategy                     
  • Budget creation
  • Business development                
  • Account management
  • Acquisition and identification of business opportunities    
  • Preparation of business offers 
  • Negotiation with clients                
  • Excellent knowledge of the FMCG and                          
  • HoReCa segments
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills        

Indicate your key skills with regard to the position you are applying for. The job description in the advertisement will help you.

Work experience

5/2006–present  Food Ltd. - one of the world's largest food producers
In addition to the name of the employer you should briefly describe its activities. Note that a HR professional may not know the particular company, but the description will give some hints. Moreover, it can be one of the most important factors in the decision whether or not you will be invited for an interview.

Since 1/2009- Country Manager for the Czech and Slovak Republics 

  • Responsible for the operation of the company in the respective country 
  • Creation of business strategy
  • Leading a team of five managers of individual departments 
  • Financial strategy and budget creation
  • Responsible for the development of business and all other activities of the company (i.e. for Finance, Marketing, Personnel, Production, IT, etc.)
  • Participation in CEE projects

Describe the key responsibilities you had in the job, however, do not write out every detail such as writing and replying to emails.


Streamlining the functioning of the business through reorganization, including appointing a new manager – development of a new business strategy, cost reduction and profit increase.  
For senior positions, it is important to mention your achievements. You will indicate to the potential employer what possible benefit for the company you could represent – this is much better than in a cover letter.

5/2006–12/2008    Area Sales Manager for Prague and Central Bohemia

  • Management of a business network in the assigned region
  • Leading of a team of ten Key Account Managers
  • Monitoring of competitors and market developments
  • Reporting to the Country Manager
  • Recruitment of new employees and their subsequent integration in the company's operations
  • Leading a team including recruitment and training of new employees 

Achievements: Construction of a new infrastructure, expanding the team from eight Key Account Managers to ten, and stabilization of the team. Introduction of regular trainings for KAM development.

3/1998–4/2006- Beer Czech Republic Ltd. – Manufacturer and distributor of alcoholic beverages

2/2003–4/2006- Business Development Manager 

  • Responsible for business activities and achieving set objectives 
  • Development of business and client relations
  • Preparation of pricing policy in accordance with the company's legal, ethics-related and internal   regulations
  • Market analyses and periodic reporting
  • Creation of business strategy
  • Cooperation with the marketing department on the creation of marketing strategy 

Achievements: Resumption of cooperation with former clients that had fled to competitors. Improving relationships with key clients. Change in the company's business strategy in order to increase profit – growth by 21%. Creation of a new marketing strategy and innovation of procedures in cooperation with the marketing department.

7/1999–12/2002- Key Account Manager 

  • Development of relations with a portfolio of business partners 
  • Communication with the company's key clients
  • Leading of a team of eight Account Managers including setting the objectives
  • Responsible for the fulfilment of individual objectives as well as team objectives
  • Management of administration and updates to the company's database

 3/1998–6/1999- Account Manager

  • Acquisition of new clients in the retail segment
  • Identification of business opportunities 
  • Dealing with clients and establishing cooperation with retail chains
  • Negotiation of conditions of cooperation
  • Responsible for the increase in sales revenue 
  • Analytical activity and reporting to the superior Key Account Manager

6/1995–2/1998 Kola a.s. – Manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks

8/1996–2/1998- Account Manager 

6/1995–7/1996- Sales representative

You need not include descriptions for jobs older than 10 years or starter jobs (after-graduation). You should apply asimilar approach for positions you held more than 20 years ago or where you had jobs in various companies at the same position. In these cases you do not have to include such experience at all.

Education, courses, trainings and other skills


  • 1990–1995    University of Economics in Prague

  Faculty of Economics and Management; field of studies: Company Management

  • 1986–1990     Grammar school, Hradec Králové

Courses and certifications

  • Communication and presentation skills 1997
  • Effective methods of negotiation 1999
  • Team management and internal communication 2000
  • Methods of client relation development 2005

Computer skills

  • MS Office- advanced
  • Adobe- average user
  • CRM- average user
  • SAP- average user

Language skills

  • English C1– fluent
  • German  C1 – fluent
  • French   B1 – pre-intermediate, actively studying

Driving license        

Category B – current


Chess, economics, reading, sports

References upon request

Does your CV look like this sample? Congratulations!

Tip: Did you know that another decisive factor in receiving an invitation to interview is your cover letter? Elaborate on it too and be inspired by our sample cover letter.