We bring you a unique survey of employee preferences. In 2020 we performed a survey of a sample of 2,200 respondents. They are a representative sample of the online population of the Czech Republic (from the aspect of age, sex, education, region and size of residential area). 

The survey was conducted in the two rounds of questionnaires on the online panel Trendaro. The first round was held from 18th–24th February 2020 and involved a sample of 1,400 respondents, i.e. prior to the coronavirus outbreak. The second round, which focused on areas the pandemic could influence, tracked a sample of 800 respondents up to after the end of the state of emergency, from 5th–6th June.

We provide the Guide only in printed form. Electronic form isn’t available and therefore can’t be sent by e-mail.

analysis of the job market pandemic

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