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We found jobs for nearly 14 thousand people over the past year

We found jobs for nearly 14 thousand people over the past year

Prague, 2nd June 2016

The Grafton Recruitment Agency has successfully completed its fiscal year for 2015. The company’s turnover increased year-on-year by over 10%. As number one on the Czech market in the field of recruitment, it arranged jobs for applicants in all the market sectors during the last fiscal year. Jobs in manufacturing and engineering, information technologies and business services predominated.

Thanks to Grafton Recruitment, 2,146 persons found a permanent job and another 11,582 were given work in the form of agency employment.

 Grafton Recruitment is currently registering a year-on-year increase in job offers of over 30 percent, which is slowly beginning to complicate the situation on the job market. A surplus of job offers is starting to become apparent in most market segments. According to Jonathan Hill, Country Manager of Grafton Recruitment, this trend will continue next year as a result of economic growth. The Czech market also expects several investments by foreign companies, which may amplify the shortage of potential candidates. “Candidates for jobs in manufacturing and logistics will be the most in demand,” Jon Hill stated, and added: “We also expect a significant rise in demand in the business services segment, which is doing very well in the Czech Republic.”

This situation is causing growing competition between companies, which results in rising salaries and more attractive benefit packages. Salaries rose by 3.4% in 2015 and an even greater rate of growth can be expected in 2016. “Salaries are also the most frequent deciding factor and the reason why people change jobs,” Jon Hill commented, with the result that companies are increasingly being forced to contact candidates directly and offer them a modern working environment, popular benefits, such as the increasingly sought after home office, and naturally a fast response, in addition to an attractive salary. An increasingly popular solution to the lack of candidates is employing foreigners, mostly from EU countries, so that there is no need to undergo the complicated and lengthy administrative process of approving a work permit.

Grafton Recruitment will be actively engaged in further development of personnel services in the new fiscal year. Some of the most popular services are recruitment outsourcing, assessment and development centres, outplacement, psycho-diagnostics, tailored salary surveys and personnel audits. Employers are also starting to become more and more interested in agency employment, which Grafton Recruitment is traditionally very experienced in.