two thirds of Czechs

Two thirds of Czechs received a raise last year, job satisfaction is rising

Two thirds of Czechs received a raise last year, job satisfaction is rising

Prague, 15 April 2019 - According to the survey of candidate preferences by the Graton Recruitment Agency the main motivator and most frequent reason for changing jobs is finance. 67% respondents have received a salary raise in the past year, which has contributed to the growth of overall satisfaction of Czech employees. Salary, and also the behaviour of the superior employees, stress burden and career advance options also contribute to the satisfaction of Czechs.

72% of Czechs are currently satisfied in their jobs, which is 12 per cent more than in the previous year. People working in the field of information technology and those whose employer is willing to accommodate them are most satisfied. “One of the reasons for growing satisfaction is the fact that 67% of employees received a raise last year. This is an increase by 14 per cent compared to last year and it is evident that employers are clearly aware that if they want to retain their people they have to pay them well. Salary continues to be the biggest motivation for employees,“ said Jitka Součková, marketing manager at Grafton Recruitment, with the understanding that employees in IT, people with a secondary school education without a school leaving examination and workers aged between 35 and 44 years received a raise most often. Financial compensation also remains the most important reason for employees potentially leaving their jobs or for accepting a new job offer.

The employer’s willingness to accommodate employees helps retain employees

The behaviour of superiors and their willingness to accommodate employees also increasingly contributed to the satisfaction of employees. “Inter-personal relationships are a very important factor of employee satisfaction today. The management should listen to its employees, help them and create a friendly ambiance at the workplace.“ Jitka Součkova commented and she added “Only 57% of survey respondents are satisfied with their employer from this aspect, which is also manifested in the number of people currently considering a change.” 25% of people are actively seeking a job, another 41% of respondents are waiting for an interesting opportunity and state that a good offer would prompt them to accept a change. Those who suffer from stress at work, have fewer benefits and whose salary was not increased in the past year are the ones most often looking for a new job. But the lack of opportunities to advance their career also plays a role.

Men are motivated by the value of their salary, women by the meaningfulness of their job

The survey also indicates what Czech employees are most motivated or demotivated by in their jobs. As well as salary, other important motivators are how meaningful a job is (26%) and a good team at work (18%). However, salary is more important for men and people with a lower income, and women consider meaningful work and colleagues most important. Personal development chiefly motivates people aged up to 34 years and university graduates. The second biggest demotivator after insufficient financial compensation is poor organisation of work (22%), which men consider a problem more often. Women mention colleagues as a problem more often.

The Company performed this survey for Grafton Recruitment on a sample of 1,240 respondents, who provided data in February 2019.