Nearly a quarter of Czechs would like to change their job within a month

Nearly a quarter of Czechs would like to change their job within a month

Prague, 9 October 2017

The newest survey by the Grafton Recruitment Agency confirmed that Czechs are no longer worrying about their jobs and showed that their desire to change jobs has reached the highest point in the last 5 years. Up to 23% of survey respondents stated that they would like to change their job within a month and 45% within six months. The most important motivating factor is financial, the same as last year.

Financial compensation is not only the most important reason for potentially leaving the current job, but also for accepting a new job. Survey respondents frequently gave other reasons for which they would consider changing jobs. The most frequently mentioned is the desire for career advancement or the need for a change. An important and frequently mentioned factor is also the fact that the current job does not satisfy the employee.

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“Even though employers endeavour to retain their people and ensure their loyalty by raising salaries or increasing non-financial benefits, the growing competition between companies in the field of human resources means that employees ultimately start looking for a new job, “Jitka Součková, marketing manager at Grafton Recruitment commented, and she added: “According to our survey 53% of respondents received a salary raise during the last year, more then half also received an increase in benefits. However, candidates perceive the value of benefits as being lower than it actually is, because they now consider a number of provided advantages standard and not a benefit. Food vouchers are a typical example of this.“ The Grafton Recruitment survey also indicated that benefits do not have a very great weight when considering acceptance of a job offer. Salary, the distance from the place of residence to the site of performance of work and also the type of contract, are much more important.

The survey focused on the willingness of Czechs to accept a job for a specific period or through an agency. This field is also affected by the booming labour market and the increased confidence of employees who have lost their fear of losing their job or finding it impossible to get another job. Approximately half of respondents consider it important to have a contract for an indefinite period. Nearly a third of respondents have experience working through an agency and 69% of them have been satisfied with this form of work.

The survey also indicated what Czech employees are most motivated and de-motivated by. The three most frequently mentioned motivators are salary, colleagues and a worthwhile job. The most de-motivating factors of a job are colleagues, the company’s management and also a low salary. “Inter-personal relations at the workplace, including the management, where there is open dialogue, are becoming a very important factor in relation to employee satisfaction. Employees no longer want to go to work simply to earn money, they want to feel comfortable at work as people. HR Department workers should therefore shift their attention from office work to be closer to people, listen to them and help them create a friendly atmosphere at the workplace,“ Jitka Součková commented, with the understanding that this trend is particularly evident in Generation Y, i.e. people born after 1980. And it becomes even stronger in relation to current school graduates.

The survey was performed by the Company on a sample of 1,695 respondents, who provided data during the month of August 2017.

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