Grafton Recruitment turnover has increased by 22 % in the Czech Republic

Grafton Recruitment turnover has increased by 22 % in the Czech Republic

Prague, 12 May 2015

The Grafton Recruitment Agency has successfully closed its fiscal year for 2015. Its turnover has increased year-on-year by 22% and has reached CZK 1,296 billion. The agency experienced growth particularly during the second half of the year, when the job market underwent revival and demand increased for new employees in full-time jobs and within the terms of agency employment.

The leader in the field of recruitment on the Czech market arranged jobs for applicants from all market segments during the past year. Positions in industry, information technology and business services predominated. 2,038 employees found employment thanks to Grafton Recruitment and another 11,575 employees found work in the form of agency employment.

According to Jonathan Hill, Country Manager of Grafton Recruitment, we can expect further growth during the following year, mainly due to a number of investments by foreign companies, who are headed towards the Czech market. “New investments will result in employment, particularly in the regions. Our dense network of branches will be available for new projects seeking suitable candidates. Employees for the segments of manufacture and logistics will be most sought after,” Jon Hill said and added, “We also expect a significant rise in demand in the business services segment e.g. shared services centres, which are undergoing significant expansion in the Czech Republic.“

Revival of the job market is also evident in the behaviour of job applicants themselves. “People are much more open to job offers than in previous years. They frequently seek employers who are capable of providing them with the opportunity of professional and career growth, together with an attractive salary. Employees who are capable of offering candidates the opportunity for professional development, as well as interesting salary terms, are consequently more successful in recruiting the best talents. And this is very important in industrial sectors or in IT, where there is strong competition,“ Jon Hill commented.

During the new fiscal year Grafton Recruitment will be actively engaged in further development of personnel services. The services most in demand include outsourcing of recruitment, assessment and development centres, outplacement, psycho-diagnostics, tailor-made salary surveys and personnel audits. According to Jonathan Hill the company’s goal is not only satisfied customers, as companies, investors and applicants themselves, but also confirmation of the company’s leadership on the Czech recruitment agency market and further growth.