finding your new home

Finding Your New Home

Finding Your New Home

You need to consider what’s most important for you. Touristic and crowded place or a quiet surrounding? Low budget or no money limits?

Here you can find what would be the most suitable for you – choose your own part of Prague! 

You might need to find something temporary before securing your long term place. Short term solution:

When searching for your new home, most of the research is done online, a phone call to the owner is followed by visiting the place – just as in any other country. Most people use “realitky” = real estate agencies. To get started you may want to check out some of the following pages:

Searching on social media is also an option, however it may be better when looking for a shared flat.

Some FB groups for flats/flatmates:

Before searching for a flat, it might also be useful to read some advice about finding a place to live in Prague at the following link.

Exchange rates and Money in general

Useful tips about money:

  • A lot of places only take cash
  • Most stores and restaurants accept Visa and MasterCard
  • Exchange money only at official locations such as a bank or exchange office - never exchange money on the street!
  • Locations and more information
  •  EUR exchange rate

Once you manage to relocate to the Czech Republic and find a suitable home, you can start looking a for a dream job.