Foreigners' services - a Worry-Free Relocation to the Czech Republic

Relocation to another country is rather a complicated process. There are many things that one needs to manage even before actually moving and many laws and there are rules related to immigration that said person may or may not be aware of. And even the smallest mistake can lead to this person not being allowed to enter the country. Don't worry, though. In case you are confused and feel like it is too much for you to handle, the Foreigners relocation agency has you covered.

The agency was founded 11 years ago and since then has helped over 15 000 clients settle in the Czech Republic. But Foreigners often help companies as well.


What Companies Usually Need from Foreigners

  • Proof of accommodation

In many cases, companies need proof of accommodation for their employees, for example. This document affirming the employee’s accommodation has to be delivered within 3 working days of their arrival, or after moving to another place inside the Czech Republic (within 30 days from moving). The very same document is required for visa applications. This is, however, particularly tricky nowadays considering the current situation since offices now operate in a limited capacity. Something that can pose a problem for others is not a problem for Foreigners since the company also offers accommodation. Therefore people who haven’t signed a valid lease agreement yet, can either book an apartment remotely or arrange a legitimate accommodation proving their residence address in the Czech Republic with all the legal requisites depending on the employee's situation. Since most companies contact us in regard to their employees who still haven’t arrived in the Czech Republic, the former option is used particularly often.

  • Employee Card

Another thing that companies need for their employees is the Employee Card, which is an equivalent to a long term residence permit. In general, the first step is always mostly up to them since - especially nowadays - non-EU citizens cannot arrive without a purpose, one of them being working in the Czech Republic. Therefore without signing an employment contract, the (future) employee wouldn’t be able to arrive in the Czech Republic at all. Once the contract is signed, Foreigners’ immigration consultants then apply for the Employee Card for the company’s employee, which also reduces the risk of mistakes (and potential deportation) and speeds up the process.


foreigners Worry-Free Relocation to the Czech Republic


  • Relocating families of employees

Some employees, however, want to arrive together with their families. This is a complex process that neither companies, nor their foreign employees want to go through themselves at the time they may be even already working. At Foreigners, this is usually managed via visas or residence permits for family members. If the employee is a part of one of the two governmental programmes that allow the person to bring their family members (Key and Scientific Staff Programme and Highly Qualified Staff Programme), it can also be managed this way. Of course, this only applies to those employees coming from non-EU countries.

  • Real estate services

Either way, Foreigners then also helps their employees find the accommodation itself since the agency also offers real estate services. Only in Prague the provision of these services is temporarily suspended by the end of 2020 so the Foreigners’ team in Prague can focus on immigration issues. You can check their Facebook page for updates. Anyway, the easiest way to find accommodation is via their website where all the properties the company manages can be found. Unlike the other services mentioned here, this one is handled by Foreigners’ relocation consultants.


Who Are Foreigners?

Foreigners is a Czech relocation and real estate agency based in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Hradec Králové and Pilsen.

While the company offers real estate services, among other things, their main focus is relocation. The most important of them is, obviously, visa arrangements and residence permits. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, relocating to the Czech Republic is difficult due to all restrictions emerging from the current situation, but this is not something that should stop people from coming.

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