Software Security Research Engineer

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Contract Type
100 000 - 110 000 Kč
This position is archived.
This position is archived.
Job description

An energetic, self-driven enterprise Software Security Researcher who understands that security is more than firewalls and encryption. Software security is becoming a bigger concern as more and more organizations are experiencing embarrassing public incidents with large losses of data:

  • Expand the security content and capabilities of Products
  • Improve Fortify’s ability to communicate with and educate customers about security issues
  • Publish and present Fortify’s research and other relevant security topics
  • Follow trends in software security and assess their significance
  • Investigate and implement techniques for exploiting security vulnerabilities
  • Discover new methods for automatic identification of vulnerabilities
  • Extract the essence of known vulnerabilities to shape products of the future
  • Identify new vulnerabilities in open source projects and customer code
  • Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Computer Science/Engineering
  • 6+ years ‘systems/software experience with strong focus in enterprise security
  • Proficient in multiple programming languages (e.g. C#/ASP.NET, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, SWIFT)
  • Strong technical communication skills
  • Interest in software security and secure development
  • Exposure to common security software flaws
  • Extensive experience with multiple software systems design tools and languages
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Experience in overall architecture of software systems for products and solutions
  • Designing and integrating software systems running on multiple platform types into overall architecture
  • Competitive reward package
  • Attractive package of benefits
  • Access our educational and development resource center with sponsored corporate technical and soft skills, career paths and stability
  • Opportunity to work with the latest technologies
Other notes
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.