prague is the second best city for expats in the world

Prague is the Second Best City for Expats in the World

Prague is the Second Best City for Expats in the World

So you may be wondering, why Prague? Why the Czech Republic? Over all the cities you could choose to move to, why would Prague be the best choice? Luckily, here at Grafton, we can provide you with some insight as to why moving to Prague would be the best choice for you.

Living in Prague, the center of Europe, means that you’re living in a multi-cultural environment that welcomes foreigners to its city center. This city offers the peaceful conditions for living and the cost of living is very reasonable. English is widely spoken, so even if you don’t speak Czech, you can easily get around your new city. Because of Prague’s Multi-Cultural melting pot, there are many other foreigners that have come to call Prague home. With the mix of cultures, different food options are plentiful. Being the business hub of the Czech Republic, there are countless job opportunities, especially for English Speakers. Prague actually has the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union!

Prague is often called the Golden City of Europe or the City of 1000 Spires. This is because Prague has some of the best preserved historical structures in Europe and a lot of them have pointy spires. It’d be hard to turn a corner and not stumble upon some historic site for you to explore. If historic beauty is something you enjoy, then Prague is your one-stop-shop for treasures.

If this was not enough to convince you that Prague is an excellent choice for relocation let us not forget that in 2017, the Czech Republic was rated as the eighth safest country in the whole world and has seen no terroristic activity. The worst people generally have to worry about is pickpocketing.  It is also worth mentioning that there are no tuition fees for education including university – it is all free!

Prague secured the 82nd position out of 139 countries in the overall ranking, with an index score of 67. This indicates that the cost of living in Prague is roughly one-third cheaper than in New York (100).1

There are plenty other reasons why come to our culture-rich country, to list a few you can find some handy statistics below:

Czech Republic in numbers

  • 2.8 % unemployment rate (July 2023)
    ​Prague has a high concentration of job opportunities and a stable labour market.
  • 90 % finished at least secondary school
  • 8th safest country in 2022

Interesting facts

  • FREE Education including university
  • 25 protected landscaped areas and 4 national parks
  • Over 2000 castles
  • Hockey is the national sport

Price level comparison

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