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Phone Numbers

Getting a new Phone Number

Getting a Czech phone number is easy, you can buy a pre-paid sim card at any phone store. Things to note:

  1. Check later with your employer as they might be able to offer you a very cheap ‘goodybag’ mobile package
  2. The tariffs are now open i.e. calls and sms are same price in/to to all European counties, however, be sure to check your internet data price.

Phone numbers to save

  • 112 – European general emergency help line
  • 158 – police, 155 – ambulance, 150 – firemen
  • 00 420 974 820 680 - Migration office

Bank account tips

Once you are hired and working, you will need a bank account to receive your first salary. Most banks offer opening an account free of charge and the procedure is fairly simple – but do not forget to bring your passport and one other form of identification (ID card, driving license … ).

Foreigner/user friendly:


Usually, you will be paying for your Healthcare by simply paying taxes, the Czech Republic taxes personal income at a flat rate of 15%, larger part of this number is health insurance meaning you will be provided with full medical care with no additional fees. The health insurance is compulsory for everybody.

  • EU citizens can obtain the same public health insurance as Czechs.
  • Non-EU citizens who have been living in the Czech Republic for five years can enter the public health system. Otherwise, you are required to have private health coverage.

Food and Shopping

Large shopping malls are very typical for Prague – biggest ones being Palladium, Atrium Flora, OC Nový Smíchov, Quadrio and many more.

You can find everything you need in them including stores such as Albert , Bila or Tesco to buy groceries. It is also recommended to visit the Farmers’ markets as you can find some great homemade, bio and eco-friendly products there.

You can also visit farmers’ markets.

There is also always the posiibility to have your meal delivered home – you can make your order online.

Schooling and Education

You will be pleased to hear that all public schools including Universities (until age of 26) are FREE. Most children in Czech Republic attend public schools, but there still is the possibility to attend private schools, these are more usual when you want education in a different language than Czech (from high school onwards you can find more public schools with education in other languages).

Handy list of international schools in Prague.


The weather in the Czech Republic is very different depending on the season. While in Summer it can get as much as 36 °C hot, in Winter, below 0°C is normal, but it can get as cold as -25°C. 


To get started, you can find a lot of general information about the Czech Republic as well as where to visit and much more at myrepublic.com.

Prague is full of fun activities regardless if you prefer shopping or playing lasertag. Find out what interests you at expats.cz. There are also various events all year round – you can check what is currently in the event calendar here or here.
Prague is also very sport friendly. From golf to archery, you can find all sorts of sport centers and clubs join at every corner. To learn more, visit this page or find out some tips here. And you can also ask around when you come!

Learn Czech

If you would like to learn Czech Language, the easiest option would be to find and attend a course after your arrival at a language school such as Jipka or at the Charles University.  These courses can, however, be quite expensive and therefore you might prefer to download one of apps, which provide exercise and such to study Czech for free. You can also find a lot of free materials as well as teaching videos online.
To get started we recommend checking out some of the following links:

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