Budgeting & Forecasting – ENTRY LEVEL position in FINANCE

This job offer is no longer available. Take a look at the offers you can continue to choose from.
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.
Job description

The following description requires your full attention:

You are a fresh graduate in Finance or Economics (business administration or similar) and your dream job is to become a Project Manager in a big international company or build a career in Finance.

Well, you obviously need to acquire some work experience first right? So let me tell you that what we are about to offer you here, is even better than what you would expect as your first job. How is that? Let's see...


  • a budget, risk management, costs tracking,
  • lots and lots of financial data analysis & reporting,
  • KPI's, and, last but not least,
  • Strong communication skills and team-work?

ANSWER: NOTHING, the project would not exist!

So, not only are we giving you the opportunity to be part of the development of big international projects, but we offer you to be the actual key of your client's success.

Now, let's go back a few steps. You are still a fresh grad with no experience, so you ask yourself, why would they pick me and not someone else? (Get ready, it's the best part)

You will be actually fully trained from Day 1 throughout your whole career in the company. Get ready to go back to school for the first 2 weeks of intensive training where you will learn what exactly is your role and how to excel in it and then on a monthly regular basis, until you master your role of: PROJECT FINANCIAL ANALYST.

What does it actually mean?

Lots of your colleagues will be approx. your age, with similar educational backgrounds and same passion. It might be a good opportunity to also make new friends and grow together.

To sum up, you will be supervised, yet able to work on your own initiative and have fun doing it, gaining valuable experience and enhancing your future employability and career in finance.

  • University Degree (Accounting, Economics, Finance or Business Administration)
  • Fluent ENGLISH (+ FRENCH or GERMAN is a great advantage)
  • Be a first class team player who possesses a positive and proactive attitude
  • Strong interest to start and pursue a career in finance
  • Computer literate and able to use MS Excel
  • Detail-oriented and analytical thinking
  • Vacation - up to 25 days
  • Meal vouchers
  • Employee Discounts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Language course
  • Sick Days
  • Career growth
  • Trainings programs throughout your career in the company
Other notes
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This position is archived.
This position is archived.