sorting photos

Sort your photos in the computer

Sort your photos in the computer

Having piles of photoalbums is surely lovely thing but when you often move or struggle with space, it is a bit impractical. The photos turn pale with time and if you do not write something around them, you will not in a decade whether the hairy guys is your uncle in his Rock-star days or aunty with a perm.

Now it can be the right time to categorize your photos, so let's discuss some options:

In our digital times of smartphones, there are amazing opportunities when, even without cameras and memory cards, you can store your photos in virtual albums and so-called 'online'. You are not limited by the fim tape, therefore you can keep great amount of memories. However, categorizing them would take ages.

By using simple metadata from the photos (date, time, location…) you are able to create a folder in your computer or phone and export the photos into seperate 'boxes'.

If you want to have bigger control over your photos or you just want to start with their editing, we recommend the following programmes:

  • Zoner Photo Studio - an alternative to more expensive and complicated programmes for photo-editing, but also going throught them. You can try this one for free.
  • Adobe Bridge - you can create so-called 'packages' out of the photos, on which you can later apply collective adjustments. It also allows the basic photo editing - such as colour adjustments and rotation. This programmes is free.
  • FotoAlbum 6.1.4. - Your digital manager for photographs and pictures. With the assistance of import guide it is easy to import photographs from cames, scanners, memory cards and other devices. It creates 'multilevel' album for easy archive organization. Photos can be displayed as slideshow presentation.
  • Windows Live Photogalery - basic user-friendly programme that is pre-installed for OS Windows users as the main application for viewing photos. Its main purpose is to organize photographs, but you can also use it to view the photos and edit them.

A form of virtual storage where you can easily share your photos with family and friends, is Google Photos platform. Czech people usually work with Rajče.idnes.

But if your still prefere the old classic photoalbums with better graphics, you can try to create a memory book out of your online photos. Fotolab is one od the most well-known platforms for creating photobooks. You can also create a jigsaw format, a sticker, a phone cover or other creative gifts.  Do you still have your wedding photoalbum? Try online professional photoalbum!

Always try the online solution before saving your photos there, we recommend to check security options of the storage and the possibility of leakage, also what would happen with your photos once the online storage will not exist. The more, let's say, old-school solution might be an external hard drive however, we cannot be assured that it will work all of the time, the files will not be overwritten or that the drive itself will not be misplaced.