Filipinos in Czech Republic

  1. What documents are needed for application

    At this stage, the only thing we need is your CV. You can attach your CV to a position on which you apply for, or if you don’t like positions you’ve seen, you can send your resume anyway to this email address: Our coordinator Steven will tell you all there is to know.

  2. What happens after application

    Our job coordinator Steven will contact you within 48hrs, either via Whatsapp, mobile phone or e-mail. The first thing he will ask you will be to tick GDPR consent, which he’ll send

  3. What is GDPR consent

    GDPR consent is a document without which we aren’t able to proces your job requests. It allows us to process your personal data for recruitment purposes. Steven sends this document via email. All you have to do is to check the box, and send it back to Steven. No printing or signatures needed. The whole GDPR process takes 2 minutes at maximum.

  4. Presentation of job offers

    After we have your CV and GDPR consent, Steven will contact you and present you with offers. Steven knows all there is to know about given position, don’t hestitate to ask him anything! Steven will be your guide through every step of your journey, he will support and help with everything, from start to finish.

  5. Don’t work alone! Take your friends with you!

    We can imagine, how hard it can be being alone in foreign country! Do you wanna change job, but are you afraid you might loose your Phillipino friends? Don’t worry, just take them with you. We want to help you as much as we can and we realize, that community is important for happy living. Tell your friends/husbands/wives about us and we will do everything that’s in our power, so that you can stay together in same job and accomodation!

  6. What happens after you pick new job

    After you pick from our job offers, Steven will send your CV to your future employer (75% of applicants gets job offer after this step). If the employer likes your CV, you will be invited for a tour of the company.

  7. Tour to your future employer

    Once your CV is chosen by your future employer, you will be invited for a tour of the company. The tour is 100% coordinated by us. It’s FREE!!! You don’t pay anything at all. We will take you there and back free of charge

  8. Tour organization

    All that Steven needs from you in this step is your address in the Czech Republic and where do you want us to pick you up. The tour usually takes the whole day. After it’s finished, we také you back home.

  9. What’s happening on tour?

    Once you get to a factory, you will take a tour of the whole place, so that you can see on your own eyes, what the job is about. You will get to know the scope of work, facilities etc. Next step is a very short interview with your future employer, so that you can see the expectations from the both sides. For some specific positions, simple motorical test will take place. The scope of tour will be presented by Steven, so that you know what to expect. Then, we’ll take you back home.

  10. What if I don’t like it after the tour?

    That’s completely fine! If you don’t like the offer or the company, you can ALWAYS SAY NO. Together, we’ll try to find different job. That’s why we’re here!

  11. I liked the tour and the company, whats next?

    If you liked what you saw and you are positive about accepting the offer, following steps happen: The employer will prepare work contracts and we will prepare all the lawful neccessities (transfer papers etc.) For this paperwork, we need photo/copy of your passport, photo/copy of Residence Permit Card and photo/copy of your Helath Insurance Card.

  12. Paperwork is finished, what now?

    Once all the documents are processed and ready for signature (all is prepared 100% by us, all you have to do is provide documents from point nr. 12 ) we get into a car and we go to you to sign it personally.

  13. We go to you with paperwork

    During the signature of your future contract, and signature of transfer papers, we will take your letter of resignation (stamped and signed by your current employer). All this is finished in less then 10 mins.

  14. All is signed and prepared…Now we wait for 30 days

    Once all is signed and explained, all you have to do now is wait for 30 days until we hear back from immigration office. (No need to worry, our process with immigration office is 100% successful, this waiting period can’t be hastened)

  15. 30 days have passed

    After we get all the paperwork from immigration, your journey is almost finished. One of the last step is choosing the suitable accomodation for you. There are 2 options.

    • Accomodation provided by employer (he will give you several choices for accomodation)
    • Accomodation provided us (we will give you several choices, photos of rooms and surrounding area and some tips for chosen town) If accomodation is provided by us, we will take care of the rental agreement contract, all we need is your signature. Usual price is around 4500 – 4600 CZK per person per month.

    Also, if your friend is coming with you, we can put you in the same room, because, nobody is happy alone :) 

  16. Let’s get moving

    All is finished! Congratulations, you are almost in finish line! All you have to do now is to move to you new flat! But don’t worry! We have your back and we will help you with moving free of charge! We will take you to your new flat with all of your personal belongings.

  17. Your journey is finished! Congratulations!

    All is finished! You are in your new flat, with new job! We are still her efor you! If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


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